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Massage helps Postmenopausal Women

Massage has Positive Benefits for Postmenopausal Women

Massage effects the body as a whole. It causes the body to return to homeostasis by increasing blood flow, circulation, and increasing lymphatic flow. Massage also impacts connective tissue and muscles. (Fritz, 2013)

There was a pilot study done in February of 2011 to measure the benefits of massage on the effects of postmenopausal symptoms. Some of the common symptom of postmenopausal women that were measured are “vasomotor instability, nervousness, anxiety, irritability, depression and insomnia (Oliveria, Hachul, Tufik, & Lia, 2011).”

The study advised that its subjects that received a one – hour sessions of massage twice a week over a period of sixteen weeks saw a decrease in their symptoms. (Oliveria, Hachul, Tufik, & Lia, 2011)


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Oliveria, D., Hachul, H., Tufik, S., & Lia, B. (2011, Feb). Effect of massage in postmenpausal women with insommia - a pilot study. Retrieved from NCBI:

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